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Winter Essentials By Khaadi

It’s the time of the year to enjoy feasts with your loved ones, have a cup of hot chocolate by the bonfire and most importantly flaunt your fashionable and cozy outfits. With so many options out there, from sweaters to women stoles, puffers to long-coats, dresses to capes, it can be challenging finding a perfect winter outfit that makes you look chic and keeps you warm too. Don’t worry ladies, we are here to the rescue! Here are some trendy winter wear ideas to hone your winter wardrobe.

Mix It Up With Khaadi

Figuring out your style and fits is usually a daunting task. With new trends at every corner, it’s a mission and a half to pick a favourite. Trying to create a unique look while keeping fashion trends in mind is definitely not easy. Defining your own style is the key.

Best Unstitched Traditional Dresses

It’s sale time! Celebrating 25 years of Dubai Summer Surprises this July. The hub of tourism, a shopping hot spot and the global fashion destination brings the sale of the year. Exciting sales and sizzling events are here with the 25th edition of the Dubai Summer Surprises. Starting 1st of July till the 4th of September this year the Dubai Summer Surprises is packed with the best sales and deals from your favourite brands. From fun offers, exclusive sales, thrilling competitions and lots of surprises, it’s time to get shopping.

Western Dresses In Winter

Khaadi has always been the go-to brand for Eastern wear and now they have a Western collection this winter that will leave you hooked for all their upcoming products. Whether it’s the most comfortable tops for women or even better a matching pair of pants to go with those tops, they have it all. The focus for this winter is comfort wear but more specifically it’s elevated loungewear. Knitted sets have never looked so on-trend before. So, here’s a list of exciting knitwear trends that you can follow this winter and all of them are available online and in-stores.

Make It Match

The 70s are back and matching sets are here to stay! It’s versatile, it’s a summer mood and we have some popping pieces designed just for you. From basic tees paired with casual pants to uber glam sets. This vintage trend is ever- changing. Thanks to 2022 trends, including prints, colours and striking silhouettes we have everything you’ll need to start pairing.

Khaadi Summer Style Guide

Say goodbye to cloudy days and dull waves, it’s time to spin into warm winds and bright lights. Summer is here and we’ve got everything you need to switch from boring to bright! With online clothes shopping making life easier get carting and upgrade your summer wardrobe. From unstitched dresses to fun ready-to-wear picks, quirky clothing to popping accessories here’s a list of Khaadi summer must-haves.

Colour Me Khaadi

The season for reinvention is here- of self and of the closet. It’s time to welcome the sunny days and embrace the sun rays with new clothes and bright tones. The colour trends for Summer 2022 certainly set the stage for a radiant season and Khaadi has it all- from vibrant unstitched clothing to popping ready-to-wear pieces, it’s a complete summer palette.

Summer Trends to Watch Out!

The days are now getting longer and warmer. It's time to finally turn our attention to the summer 2022 fashion trends that are making the rounds. Khaadi launches its hot new collection for the summers ahead and it is simply superb.

Make Your Wardrobe Ramadan-Ready

The month of Ramadan followed by Eid may be the most wonderful time of the year, and if you want to do justice to these jolly days— you need to dress appropriately. Also, when the former coincides with hot summer days, our wardrobes need to strike a perfect balance between glamour and comfort.

Gifts For Her

Do you know when’s the perfect time to celebrate the women nearest and dearest to you with a carefully chosen gift? It’s right now! Be it birthday, holidays, anniversary or just because; everyone deserves to be reminded every now and then how much they matter —including yourself. Let’s agree finding the perfect gift is no less than an art form and it could sure be a little overwhelming.

Ultimate Spring Wardrobe

The Ultimate Spring Wardrobe

As the days start to get longer, the weather better, warmer and the nature is in full bloom, it finally feels time to put away the chunky sweaters and prepare your wardrobe for the season in-between. To help you through this fresh start, Khaadi captured the true essence of spring in pieces that will carry you through the season and beyond. This spring our mood is to be relaxed, comfortable, close to nature and definitely super stylish.

Colour Me Comfort

Spring/Summer 2022 is here, so if you’re ready for some fashion updates, there is plenty to dig into right now and we’re here to give you a run down. The season is stocked with plenty of fresh new fashion trends that are primed for the rest of 2022, but if you’re an early adopter who is ready to try out some of the pieces long before everyone else, there are some key trends to have on your radar.