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The season for reinvention is here- of self and of the closet. It’s time to welcome the sunny days and embrace the sun rays with new clothes and bright tones. The colour trends for Summer 2022 certainly set the stage for a radiant season and Khaadi has it all- from vibrant unstitched clothing to popping ready-to-wear pieces, it’s a complete summer palette.

Pakistani brands ready to wear

From cool muted pastels to bold brights that make you stand out. A palette mixed with blues, pinks, yellows, and greens; the fashion color trends of 2022 offer a rainbow wardrobe guaranteed to make you shine. Khaadi brings an array of designs dipped in all the dreamy shades you’ll need this season. From ready-to-wear Eid outfits to unstitched dresses for both your festive fits and casual days, it’s a one-stop shop for your summer wardrobe.  


Here are the top colour trends of 2022:

  • Adventurous Pastels 
  • Dopamine brights 
  • Jewel & Gems


It's time to inject some life into your outfits. Khaadi Summer 2022 is all about mood-boosting, bright and happy colours, bringing the fun back into style. Forget smoky or burnt tones this year Kermit green, cobalt blue, fuchsia pink, hot orange or mango sorbet are all on our star list. Solid oversized kurtas, printed pairs, unstitched dresses in bright pops of colour, the summer vibe you need. For all our bright and light lovers, picking Eid clothes was never this easy! Khaadi’s Eid collection is dipped in bold traditional colours and light breezy fabrics.

Pakistani brands ready to wear


Pastels are called pretty for a reason; they’re soft, they’re sweet, they’re the perfect palette for summertime. But 2022 is all about mixing it up and Khaadi  decided to give pastel the twist it needed. Pairing pastels with geometric shapes, line illustrations, or funky patterns that make the colour pop. Playing with exposure to create bolder pastels or pairing them with neons. The result is the calming feel of pastel, but the more vibrant shades and patterns give it a lift. It’s soft, yet spiky. Edgy, yet cute. Be it an oversized shirt or a long kurti for women, pastels make everything pretty.


Bold brights are a 2022 win but so are tones that exude everything regal. The rich red of garnet or a sapphire’s striking blue, jewel tones are bold and all things royal. If you’re going for a sophisticated and bold look this summer, jewel tones are your pick. Be it a stylish ready to wear kurta or dazzling fabric, Khaadi has created both festive and everyday wear in these bold tones for those who like a little royalty. Now that the tone is set, catch your favourite colours and style them the way you like. It’s time to get your summer wardrobe ready with Khaadi and breeze through the season in style.

Pakistani brands ready to wear